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KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Buying a stand mixer as a gift can be a little tricky considering all the different models on the market and all of the different ways in which these snazzy kitchen tools can be utilized to make life easier. Understanding how to match the right model to the person on your list will help you choose wisely, saving you both time and frustration.

The main reasons for buying a stand mixer haven’t changed in years. They’re a highly popular gift for several special occasions.

Why A Stand Mixer is Purchased as a Gift

To get a top named brand stand mixer often runs several hundred dollars.

It’s the kind of money many people might not want to spend on themselves or can’t afford because of where they are in life.

The fact that many people in the following scenarios would find buying a stand mixer a prohibitive cost considering their particular point in life is probably the number one reason that a stand mixer is purchased as a gift for the following events:

Wedding Gift

A wedding is indeed a special celebration, that of two people about to embark on their life as a married couple and family. Giving them a gift that will be used to establish family routine is commonplace. A stand mixer works great as a gift because it would be used regularly to prepare meals, make homemade cookies for future children, create the food used in entertaining guests, and overall save time on regular kitchen chores.

Housewarming Gift

People who move into new homes often receive home warming gifts that celebrate new surroundings and play to the upgrades one achieved in moving. Perhaps it’s an expanded kitchen for the budding chef. Since there are so many options for color and attachments, getting a mixer for someone in a new home can also allow you to get them a gift that coordinates with any new color scheme they may have chosen.

Gift for a New Cook

Buying a stand mixer as a gift for a new cook in the family expands that person’s ability to prepare meals and recipes more quickly so that they can learn that much more quickly, as well. If you have an adult child who has been attending cooking classes or who is studying to be a master chef, having the right tools at home is important.

What to Consider When Buying A Stand Mixer for Someone Else

There are so many brands and models on the market that when you’re buying a stand mixer for someone else, it can seem an overwhelming task. In order to pick the best one, follow these steps:

How Are They Going to Use The Stand Mixer?

First consider how the person is going to use the mixer. Are they a homemaker who will use the appliance periodically for regular cooking chores like making dinner and baking cookies and cakes? If so, they may not need anything quite so fancy or commercial as someone who is preparing to take on cooking as a profession. There are several models under $200 that would easily perform the work required for daily meal preparation and occasional baking.

On the other hand, if the person for whom you are buying a stand mixer is a cooking fanatic and not only prepares complex meals but also grinds their own meat, bakes bread, juices fruit, and makes their own pizza then a mixer with more power and attachment options is a far better choice than the most basic model on the market.

The Attachments Found in Stand Mixers

There are a number of attachments that come with most stand mixers. Basically, there are 3 attachments that come with your purchase. This may vary from one mixer brand to another, but the principle is basically the same.

First is the whisk, which is used for whipping liquids. It can be used to whisk egg whites, meringue, cream and other liquids so that they can be used for cooking and baking. The second attachment is the paddle, which is used to mix batter. It can be used to make cakes and other pastries as well. Lastly, the hook is used to knead bread mechanically. It helps take away all the manual labor associated with making bread.

Before you buy one as a gift, make sure that you know which attachments are included and understand the tasks those attachments perform. If there is not an attachment that will match the way in which the person you’re buying for would need to use the mixer, then you’ll need to see if you can buy a compatible attachment or not.

Upgradeable Versus Non-upgradeable Stand Mixers

In today’s market, you can choose from an upgradeable or a non-upgradeable mixer when buying a stand mixer as a gift. They both perform well in mixing, but having upgradeable attachments has more benefits. Some upgradeable mixers have attachments that turn the mixer into a juicer, a meat grinder, or even an ice cream maker. These things should be considered when buying a stand mixer as a gift.

Consumer Ratings on Some Stand Mixer Models

There are some brands that can be relied on when buying a stand mixer. Here are a few of them.
Kitchenaid has been making stand mixers since 1919 and is considered to be a big brand when it comes to stand mixers. It is an upgradeable mixer that will work perfectly as a stand mixer as a gift. Professional chefs and even regular folks are fond of the mixer because of its simple settings.

Cuisinart is another brand and is considered to be the best stand mixer of 2011 in the US. It’s earned this distinction because its mixers distribute the ingredients. So if you need to give a stand mixer as a gift you can’t go wrong with the mixers offered by Cuisinart.

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