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Stand Mixer Under $100In the past, stand mixers were only used by professional cooks and chefs. Today, however, there are now a lot of households that have or want to have one of these in their kitchens because these make food preparation much easier.

Unfortunately, stand mixers are also known to be notoriously expensive. This article gives tips in choosing the right mixer for you, as well as provides information why the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handheld/Stand Mixer is arguably the best stand mixer under $100 in the market today.

What to Look for in Stand Mixers

The factors you will need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing stand mixers include:

  • Motor. You will want to get a mixer that has a powerful enough motor in order to perform your food preparation tasks effortlessly.
  • Build. You will also want to get a stand mixer that is solidly built. Not only will this ensure the durability of your appliance, it can also make mixing much easier, since a heavier build will minimize the chances of the device walking while you’re using it.
  • Speed options. You will also want to get a stand mixer that has several speed options for you to choose from so that you can prepare more dishes using the appliance. After all, the setting for kneading dough is completely different from the setting you will turn to when you whip cream.
  • Size of mixing bowl. The bowl of the mixer you get should at least be between 5 to 7 quarts in order to handle most of your cooking and baking needs.
  • Price. Finally, you will want to get a mixer that’s within your budget. It is possible to find a mixer that is reasonably priced so you don’t have to spend that much on something so useful. The Cusinart HSM-70 is one such model.

Features of the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handheld/Stand Mixer

Cuisinart HSM 70 Stand Mixer ControlsWhy is the Cusinart HSM-70 the best stand mixer under $100 today? This is because it is one of the most versatile appliances you will ever have in your kitchen. It combines the flexibility of a hand mixer with the convenience of a stand mixer, allowing you to use the device effortlessly and efficiently in food preparation.
The features of Cuisinart HSM-70 include:

  • Ergonomic design. The Cuisinart HSM-70 has been ergonomically designed to create a sleek mixer that allows maximum possible power and balance.
  • Stress-free grip. You don’t have to worry about the mixer or the bowl accidentally slipping while you’re using it, because the appliance has a stress-free grip allowing you to get a good hold of the appliance while providing comfort and control, even when you use it for long periods.
  • Smooth start. This mixer has a smooth start function to prevent the ingredients from flying all over the place when you start the beaters.
  • Seven speeds. The best stand mixer under $100 features seven speeds, so you can actually change the settings according to the kind of food youre preparing. What’s more, the Cuisinart HSM-70 features a one-touch speed control, allowing you to change the speeds quickly, even during mixing.
  • Different mixing devices. The mixer comes with wide and long mixers for superior aerating, mixing, and whipping. The beaters have been specially designed to prevent the mixtures from clogging for easy mixing. It also has a chef’s whisk so that you can create airy whipped cream and stiff, fine, and textured egg whites. Dough hooks are also included that can handle different kinds of dough.
  • Turntable. The turntable holds the stainless steel mixing bowl in place while allowing it to spin as it mixes food.
  • Beater release lever. Pressing the lever allows you to easily remove the beater, dough hook, or whisk attached to the mixer.
  • Hand mixer release button. You can remove the hand mixer with a press of a button.
  • Head-lift release lever. This securely locks the tilt-back head into a raised position to make it easy for users to attach the accessories, as well as to remove the mixing bowl.
  • Exclusive rotating swivel cord. The HSM-70 features a unique swivel cord that allows users to position it accordingly, making the device much easier to use regardless of whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.
  • Heel rest. The heel rest allows the mixer to sit securely on your countertop during operation.
  • Easy to clean. This model makes cleaning so much easier, thanks to its smooth sealed base that you can wipe clean quickly without any fuss. What’s more, the bowl can be taken out so that it can be cleaned separately from the mixer.
  • One-step on/off switch. A single press of a button allows you to turn the mixer on or off without a problem.
  • LED speed display makes it easy for you to read the settings and make adjustments as needed.
  • 220 watts. The Cuisinart HSM-70 operates on 220 watts, so it works on just about all households.


What Do Users Have to Say about the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handheld/Stand Mixer?

Cuisinart HSM 70 Stand Mixer Hand MixerIf you’re still not convinced that the Cuisinart HSM-70 is the best stand mixer under 100, here are some stand mixer reviews made by actual customers who have bought the product.

Users have complimented the Cuisinart HSM-70 for its versatility and functionality, ranging from professional cooks and bakers to moms and dads who cook for the family. There are even some who have commented that the device is actually able to do all of the jobs that bigger mixers can perform at a much cheaper cost. The batter always comes out completely smooth so you don’t need to manually mix it to get the consistency that you like. Because of its smooth start function, you won’t have any fear of splattering to mess up your kitchen.

If there is a complaint about the Cuisinart HSM-70, it’s the fact that the handheld mixer performs better than its stand mixer function, which is not a problem at all considering that having two mixers rolled into one is a bargain, particularly with its affordable price tag.

If you’re looking for a good stand mixer for your home, look no further than the Cuisinart HSM-70. Owing to the features of this appliance, it wins hands-down as the best stand mixer under $100 in the market today.

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