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Buying a Stand Mixer as a Gift

KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Buying a stand mixer as a gift can be a little tricky considering all the different models on the market and all of the different ways in which these snazzy kitchen tools can be utilized to make life easier. Understanding how to match the right model to the person on your list will help you choose wisely, saving you both time and frustration.

The main reasons for buying a stand mixer haven’t changed in years. They’re a highly popular gift for several special occasions.

Why A Stand Mixer is Purchased as a Gift

To get a top named brand stand mixer often runs several hundred dollars.
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Best Stand Mixer Under $100

Stand Mixer Under $100In the past, stand mixers were only used by professional cooks and chefs. Today, however, there are now a lot of households that have or want to have one of these in their kitchens because these make food preparation much easier.

Unfortunately, stand mixers are also known to be notoriously expensive. This article gives tips in choosing the right mixer for you, as well as provides information why the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handheld/Stand Mixer is arguably the best stand mixer under $100 in the market today.

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Difference Between Stand Mixers and Hand Mixers

Cuisinart SM 70 7 Quart Stand MixerWhether you decide early on that you need one or you wait many years, almost everyone shops for a stand mixer at some point to replace the hand mixer they’ve been using forever. The differences between the two come down to much more than simply convenience.

Unless you’re all about microwaving your meals or ordering out, you can save a lot of time having a sturdy stand mixer available. They’re great for whisking, whipping, beating, mixing and kneading tasks which may prove too inconvenient or laborious for human hands. After all, no one wants to get carpal tunnel from having made too many cakes for their family birthdays or from kneading too much pizza dough. Kind of takes the fun out of the whole thing.
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How to Choose a Stand Mixer

Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand MixerNo decent cook, passionate baker, or novice with an enthusiasm for learning should be without a fully functional and resilient stand mixer.  After all, there’s only so much mixing a person can do before they start to dread the idea of pulling out the old hand mixer and hunting around for the beater attachments.

So, when it’s your turn to figure out how to choose a stand mixer that’s best for you, use the following criteria to narrow down your choices. You’ll save yourself both time and money.

Stand Mixers are simply mixers attached to a base that serves as a sturdy support to hold the bowl in place while the mixer does the mixing.  Their one purpose is to take over for your hands in the tasks of mixing, stirring, whipping, beating and kneading.
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