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Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand MixerNo decent cook, passionate baker, or novice with an enthusiasm for learning should be without a fully functional and resilient stand mixer.  After all, there’s only so much mixing a person can do before they start to dread the idea of pulling out the old hand mixer and hunting around for the beater attachments.

So, when it’s your turn to figure out how to choose a stand mixer that’s best for you, use the following criteria to narrow down your choices. You’ll save yourself both time and money.

Stand Mixers are simply mixers attached to a base that serves as a sturdy support to hold the bowl in place while the mixer does the mixing.  Their one purpose is to take over for your hands in the tasks of mixing, stirring, whipping, beating and kneading.

There are many brands and models of stand mixers offered in the market.  Here are the most critical factors one should consider when choosing a stand mixer:

  1. Brand Reputation – consistency in the make of the product assures you that the stand mixer you’re getting is also of the high- grade quality the manufacturer has been known to produce.  Take a look at the average consumer ratings for the model you’re considering as well as the average ratings of other models made by the manufacturer to get a feel for their overall brand reputation. 
  2. Durability – stand mixers should be able to endure periods of long use.  When you get the urge to bake something special, frenzy ensues which demands more performance from your equipment.  (Can you see Christmas cookie bake off?)  This means that your machine should have well- made parts and solid construction.  All metal frames and supports are ideal.
  3. Consumer Service – all machines will reach a point when they unexpectedly break down, whether it’s by manufacturing error, household common accidents, or incorrect use. It would be great to know that someone from the company will be willing to assist us in our equipment repair/ replacement needs.
  4. Warranty – getting the machine to work during the first few weeks is cool, but a longer warranty will ensure that you get the best services for any unanticipated breakdowns within 1- 2 years of getting the products.
  5. Efficiency – who wants a stand mixer that fails to deliver? Go for stand mixers that have consistent top ratings for efficiency and performance. Take the time to read reviews or to listen to reliable comments on the web and in other consumer guides.
  6. Cost – It’s great if you have money to burn and you want the best stand mixer money can buy, but if you can purchase a machine with all the above qualities at a lower cost, then why bother buying something more expensive? Be practical, you’ll never know when you’ll need  the extra $100 dollars you might save!
  7. OverAll Appearance/ Aesthetics – A machine, no matter how effective, should not look like a monstrosity designed to intimidate lesser cooks. A good stand mixer should look pleasant to the eyes – the type that is a joy to use.

Breville Stand Mixer Mixing ActionOne of the most important parts of a mixer a wise consumer should check is the motor. One can safely say that it’s the heart of the stand mixer since it is responsible for running the machine and enables it to whisk and mix whatever it is that needs such treatment. It should be able to tolerate working on soft egg whites to the tougher cookie or bread dough time and time again.

Of course, no two models of stand mixers are the same. Manufacturers have carefully engineered and tested their machines to address the specific needs of their customers. Are you the type who makes use of the machine often? Are you the once-in-a blue-moon baker? Will you be requiring bigger and more powerful machines, or just an ordinary one will do? Be sure to first assess your specific needs so you can also evaluate the best type of stand mixer to suit you.

The best stand mixer brands in the market with the highest ratings as far as the worldwide web is concerned are as follows:

  1. KitchenAide Stand Mixers
  2. Cuisinart SM- 55 5-1/2 Stand Mixers
  3. Sunbeam Mixmaster
  4. Breville 5- Quart Die- Cast Stand Mixer
  5. Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

So far, the highest rating stand mixer with an almost consistent 5- star score in almost all sites is KItchenaide Stand Mixers. Next in line is Breville and Bosch and tagging along are Sunbeam and Cuisinart.  Now, these are just rankings based on some sites, ratings may vary in other sites with these 5 brands strongly competing against each other. To assist you in making a wise choice, we present you with some of the Pros and Cons of each brand.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer PistachioKitchenaide Stand Mixers – whether it’s the classic model, their latest in the Artisan series, or their more compact models – appears to be the favourite of the masses. It boasts of a good reputation built on generations of quality, innovative designs, and good costumer care services. Some of their products can even come in a wide array of great colors, making the baking experience a personal one.  Although it is the market’s preferred brand, some individuals say that some of KitchenAide’s later products are more prone to mechanical problems and glitches. Other cons on this product include its heavy weight and the short one year warranty.

Next up is a public tie between Breville and Bocsh. What consumers liked about Breville most is its professional quality; it is able to prevent messy bowls and spattered batter, as well as its smooth 550 watt motor. Bosch, on the other hand, is rapidly gaining popularity with its stand mixer as most find it powerful and versatile with its various attachments.  As for Sunbeam Mixmaster, it stands as one of the more affordable of the bunch at no more than $70.00 in most stores. It is a bit fragile than other models, but with careful handling, you can expect it to perform well on lighter whisking jobs.

When you have finally made up your mind on the kind of stand mixer you would want for your kitchen, you can then shop for the best price on the equipment of your choice. Nowadays, the web can provide you with the best deals on stand mixers. Some of these will of course include Amazon and US Appliance, with the former offering the cheapest deals compared to the latter. The payments for these products and time of delivery may vary depending on the area and the kind of distributor. Also, there may or may not be additional charges on the purchase of these goods.

When you’re ready to choose a stand mixer for yourself or as a gift, keep these factors in mind and you’ll find the ideal match for you and your wallet.

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